Why WakeEd Partnership?

WakeEd Partnership is a unique, strategic, education nonprofit focused exclusively on transforming teaching and leadership modeling in Wake County Public Schools to provide graduating students with the content knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a complex and changing workplace.

Since our founding in 1983, WakeEd Partnership has served in a unique position in the education space. We are an independent nonprofit committed to improving public education and advocating for excellent educational opportunities for all students. This independence has been our strength for more than 30 years. Through our business and community partners, we have brought the best minds and ideas to the table to focus on education in Wake County. With an eye on outcomes, our goal is to do the right thing for students.


We are envisioning the future of Wake County and a dynamic workplace to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs.


We are connecting employers with educators to make a collective, strategic impact on Wake County’s future workforce.


We are providing WCPSS educators with resources needed to engage students in innovative ways that address the rate of change in education and the modern workforce.


We are advocating for educators and school leaders at the local and state level in support of evidence-based best practices and policies that promote effective teaching.

Because WakeEd Partnership Exists…

Educators receive thousands of dollars in professional development, grant funding, and in kind resources that enable them to engage students in innovative, real-world learning.

Wake County has a local leader championing funding and policies that support effective teaching and strong leadership in Wake County Public Schools.

Employers can collaborate with schools and one another to make a strategic, collective impact on Wake County’s future workforce.

Students graduate with experiences, content knowledge, and skills that better prepare them for a complex, dynamic workplace.

Our programs have received national recognition.

SummerSTEM and World Cafe (now Link) received the 2017 US2020 STEM Mentoring Award for Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships. Partners Read is a nationally recognized program with the National Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.

The only education nonprofit in Wake County focused on improving academic results through teacher transformation.

When grants, professional development, and collaboration with businesses are provided for teachers, the benefits aren’t limited to one student. Instead, the impact is felt by every student in that classroom for years to come.

The only education nonprofit in North Carolina receiving matching funds from its local school system.

The Wake County Public School System provides 2-to-1 matching of private funds invested in our SummerSTEM program to maximize impact.

The only local education nonprofit in Wake County focused on education policy and advocacy.

Our efforts to inform state and local elected officials about important issues in public education helps them make decisions which lead to positive educational outcomes. 

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Investor Spotlight: BASF

Investor Spotlight: BASF

For innovation to happen, we need people who understand our customers’ needs and challenges, as well as the ability to use creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and STEM training to come up with solutions for our current and future needs.

Investor Spotlight: First Citizens Bank

Investor Spotlight: First Citizens Bank

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Investor Spotlight: UNC REX Healthcare

Investor Spotlight: UNC REX Healthcare

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